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News releases related to our efforts to develop our two platform technologies are shown below.

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Recent Announcements

January 12th, 2018: Rubicon Announces NEI Grant Award

Sept 25th, 2017: Rubicon Announces Publication in JACC

June 14th, 2017: Rubicon to Exhibit at BIO 2017

Jan 25th, 2017: Rubicon Signs Agreement with Foothill Scientific

Oct 12th, 2016: Rubicon Presents at Bio-Investor Forum

Sept 16th, 2016: Rubicon Announces Heat Shock Protein Publication

Rubicon’s technologies have been published in the peer-reviewed journals listed below.

         Targeted Heat Shock Proteins (Fv-Hsp70)

  • Tanimoto,T., Parseghian,M.H., Nakahara,T., Kawai,H., Narula,N., Kim,D., Nishimura,R., Weisbart,R.H., Chan,G., Richieri,R.A., Haider,N., Chaudhry,F., Reynolds,G.T., Billimek,J., Blankenberg,F.G., Sengupta,P.P., Petrov,A.D., Akasaka,T., Strauss,H.W., and Narula,J. (2017) • Cardioprotective Effects of HSP72 Administration on Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.  J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 70 (12): 1479-1492. For abstract, click here:
  • Parseghian,M.H., Hobson,S.T., and Richieri,R.A. (2016) • Targeted heat shock protein 72 for pulmonary cytoprotection. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1374 (1): 78-85.  For abstract, click here: doi: 10.1111/nyas.13059
  • Weisbart, R.H., Chan, G., Jordaan, G., Noble, P.W., Liu, Y., Glazer, P.M., Nishimura, R.N., and Hansen, J.E. (2015) • DNA-dependent targeting of cell nuclei by a lupus autoantibody. Sci. Rep. 5: 12022.  For full article, click here: doi: 10.1038/srep12022
  • Zhan, X., Ander, B.P., Liao, I.H., Hansen, J.E., Kim, C., Clements, D., Weisbart, R.H., Nishimura, R.N., and Sharp, F.R. (2010) • Recombinant Fv-Hsp70 protein mediates neuroprotection after focal cerebral ischemia in rats. Stroke 41 (3): 538-543.  For full article, click here: doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.109.572537
  • Hansen, J.E., Tse, C.M., Chan, G., Heinze, E.R., Nishimura, R.N., and Weisbart, R.H. (2007) • Intranuclear protein transduction through a nucleoside salvage pathway. J Biol. Chem. 282 (29): 20790-20793.  For full article, click here: PMID: 17525162
  • Hansen, J.E., Sohn, W., Kim, C., Chang, S.S., Huang, N.C., Santos, D.G., Chan, G., Weisbart, R.H., and Nishimura, R.N. (2006) • Antibody-mediated Hsp70 protein therapy. Brain Res. 1088 (1): 187-196.  For abstract, click here: PMID: 16630585
  • Weisbart, R.H., Baldwin, R., Huh, B., Zack, D.J., and Nishimura, R. (2000) • Novel protein transfection of primary rat cortical neurons using an antibody that penetrates living cells. J Immunol. 164 (11): 6020-6026.  For full article, click here: doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.164.11.6020
  • Spertini, F., Leimgruber, A., Morel, B., Khazaeli, M.B., Yamamoto, K., Dayer, J.M., Weisbart, R.H., and Lee, M.L. (1999) • Idiotypic vaccination with a murine anti-dsDNA antibody: phase I study in patients with nonactive systemic lupus erythematosus with nephritis. J Rheumatol. 26 (12): 2602-2608.  For abstract, click here: PMID: 10606369
  • Weisbart, R.H., Stempniak, M., Harris, S., Zack, D.J., and Ferreri, K. (1998) • An autoantibody is modified for use as a delivery system to target the cell nucleus: therapeutic implications. J Autoimmun. 11 (5): 539-546.  For abstract, click here: PMID: 9802941

         Annexin A5 Immunotherapeutics

  • Ungethum, L., Kenis, H., Nicolaes, G.A., Autin, L., Stoilova-McPhie, S., and Reutelingsperger, C.P. (2011) • Engineered annexin A5 variants have impaired cell entry for molecular imaging of apoptosis using pretargeting strategies. J Biol Chem. 286 (3): 1903-1910.  For full article, click here: doi: 10.1074/jbc.M110.163527
  • Schutters, K., and Reutelingsperger, C. (2010) • Phosphatidylserine targeting for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Apoptosis 15 (9): 1072-1082.  For full article, click here: doi: 10.1007/s10495-010-0503-y
  • Kenis, H., and Reutelingsperger, C. (2009) • Targeting phosphatidylserine in anti-cancer therapy. Curr Pharm Design 15: 2719-2723.  For abstract, click here: doi: 10.2174/138161209788923903
  • Ran, S., Downes, A., and Thorpe, P.E. (2002) • Increased exposure of anionic phospholipids on the surface of tumor blood vessels. Cancer Res.62 6132-6140.  For full article, click here: PMID: 12414638
  • Reutelingsperger, C.P., Hornstra, G., and Hemker, H.C. (1985) • Isolation and partial purification of a novel anticoagulant from arteries of human umbilical cord. Eur. J Biochem. 151 (3): 625-629.  This paper describes the discovery of Annexin A5 (also known as Annexin V).  For abstract, click here: doi: 10.1111/j.1432-1033.1985.tb09150.x